Whitest Boy Alive

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After a couple of days in Beijing, someone stumbled across the aptly named band –  “Whitest Boy Alive” listed in Time Out Beijing. We were all feeling pretty white and western ourselves after being continually stared at by the locals, plus still exhausted from the end of the Vodkatrain and another dose of culture shock. We needed a break from the tourist trail and an opportunity to feel “normal” again!

The Berliner bassist and synth player and Norwegian lead singer (who, according to my young, trendy, muso friend, is Erlen Oye – also front man for the band Kings of Convenience), along with the drummer and lead guitarist, banged out an eclectic blend of original reggae beats and electro pop, mixing in covers of Prodigy’s “Out of Space” with Chris Isaacs’ “I don’t want to fall in love”.
At the trendy, intimate club venue “Tango”, reminiscent of a clean Rock City, The Whitest Boy Alive rocked a mainly western crowd with material from their latest album “Rules” and a number of classic tracks – which set their European fans on fire for a good two hours.
The bar queuing system left a lot to be desired, but we managed a few sherberts before a lengthy queue to retrieve our ticket stubs as souvenirs and stumbled into an impromptu photo session with the lead singer – definitely the whitest (and skinniest) boy alive. A kind of Malcolm McLaren meets Napoleon Dynamite type, he was hideously rude to a mate of mine, but seemed to lighten up a bit for me!

Would definitely recommend checking them out… Nothing like a good gig to get you back in your groove and this was just what the weary travellers ordered.


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