Is it offal?

The bins added to the ambience!

So, there was an Englishwoman, Irishwoman, Hong Kong born Australian and Singaporean in a Peking Duck restaurant…no this isn’t the start of a tasteless Bernard Manning joke and no the duck wasn’t peeking! However, it led to  a miscommunication reminiscent of “Fork Handles” that Ronnie Barker (R.I.P) would have been proud of!


Peking Duck...

After ordering and eating the speciality of the house – the famous Beijing “Peking” Duck, our starvation after a full day of sightseeing in China’s capital had not subsided and we ordered a few more dishes to fill our stomachs.

Despite having two partial Chinese speakers in our party, we still had to play the ‘point and hope’ game from the picture menu and ordered a non-descript meat and vegetable dish with four “mei fan” (cooked rice) and some steamed bok choi.

Is it offal?

The main dish arrived and we all tucked in… Not for the first time, we were unsure what we were eating. After a few mouthfuls I turned to a fellow diner and asked: “Is it offal?”, to which he replied: “No, actually its quite tasty.”!



Unfortunately, as is often the case when travelling amidst a melting pot of cultures, no-one could understand the comedy gold that had caused the beer to shoot out my nose and I was left chuckling into my napkin and pushing the awful offal to the side of my plate!

Dedicated to JVO…Happy Birthday x x x


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