Spit it out

As much as there is to love about China…the food; the endearing fascination with anything western; people’s friendliness and hospitality;  the hustle and bustle of 1.5 billion people going about their daily business and the ever entertaining “Chinglish” translations; there is one cultural difference I cannot (and am unlikely to ever) become accustomed to…


From any given direction you can regularly be caught completely by surprise at a deep throated hawking sound, followed by a gob of mucus onto the pavement, restaurant floor or, for those with exceptional manners, into a rubbish bin.

Call me a snob, but I personally find spitting incredibly rude and utterly disgusting – it seems that the western world would largely agree that it is a social taboo in contemporary society.  In China, however, it is considered a necessity by some, to eliminate ‘poisons’ from the body and is a commonplace occurrence anywhere you go among men and women alike (less so with the ladies).  

Although the Government is trying to clamp down on it in public places and many Chinese themselves find it a revolting (not to mention disease spreading) habit, free flowing phlegm is an unfortunate soundtrack to my Chinese adventure that never fails to wrinkle my nose and turn my stomach!

And, don’t get me started on slurping, children urinating ANYWHERE or throwing rubbish out of car windows…!

Dedicated to my gorgeous sis…always willing to hear me rant,unconditionally supportive and desperately missed. WYWH…Happy birthday toots x x


2 responses to “Spit it out

  • James

    This uncivilized behaviors in my motherland make me feel ashamed. Spitting is a really terrible habit. It is entirely uncivilized. Me as a citizen of China, must be self-diciplined, love my country, don’t dirty her. God is in the detail.

  • Kirsty

    I can see your wrinkled nose from here. x

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